PWR Liquid to Air Barrel Intercoolers


Don't settle for an imitation part, many companies have tried to copy but none have matched. PWR liquid to air barrel intercoolers are the original barrel intercooler.

Designed to reduce intake charge air temperatures whilst minimising charge gas pressure losses. The perfect intercooler system would remove all heat from the intake charge gas with no boost pressures losses but engineering's reality is that a balance needs to be made between best heat transfer and acceptable pressure drop.

The PWR designed liquid to air barrel intercooler incorporates this perfect balance.

Commonly used in a wide range of Motorsport applications on and off car, from track to fast road rear engined installations and also engine dynos. The barrels are available in four diameters and three length options. 


The full range is available to view and order online. A dimensioned drawing is shown with each barrel to help visualise installation. 

  • 4" (D) x 6" (L)
  • 4" (D) x 8" (L)
  • 4" (D) x 10" (L)
  • 5" (D) x 6" (L)
  • 5" (D) x 8" (L)
  • 5" (D) x 10" (L)
  • 6" (D) x 6" (L)
  • 6" (D) x 8" (L)
  • 6" (D) x 10" (L)
  • 8" (D) x 8" (L)
  • 8" (D) x 10" (L)
  • 8" (D) x 12" (L)


  • Available for immediate despatch for next day delivery within the UK. 


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