PWR Intercooler Cores

PWR understand that no two intercooler installations have the same performance, packaging or durability requirements. Each intercooler core is a bespoke hand built manufacturing process to ensure the end user gets the exact performance they require without compromising reliability.  

PWR Intercooler Cores

The aim is to give maximum thermal performance whilst minimising charge gas pressure loses. Striking the correct balance between these two factors is key. We will vary the level of core technology required to meet your performance requirements.

All PWR intercoolers are manufactured in house using the very best assembly methods by personnel passionate for perfection.  

PWR manufacture intercoolers for a range of installations. These include but are not limited to:

  • Fast Road applications
  • Time Attack and Special GT cars
  • National, International and World Rally Championships
  • National, International and World Rallycross Championships
  • Various Global GT manufacturers
  • International Single Seater Championships
  • Formula 1 

Intercooler core delivery:

Once a core specification is finalised, your core will be delivered to your door in approximately 2 weeks.

Intercooler core quotation:

Simply contact us today using the form below. Please provide brief answers to the following questions:

  • What vehicle will your core be used in?
  • What state of tune is the vehicle? Standard or modified?
  • What is the vehicle used for? For example: Fast Road, Track Days, Rallying, Circuit Racing
  • Core Dimension? Tube Length, Stack Height and Thickness. 

When we receive this information, we will begin work immediately. We may even contact you to ensure we specify the correct product for you. 

Do not compromise on performance, contact us today.