Ford Ranger PX and Mazda BT50 3.2L Extreme Automatic Transmission Cooler Kit

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The PWR Ford PX Ranger and Mazda BT50 3.2L Extreme Automatic Transmission Cooler kit is available here!

The ultimate in transmission cooling for your Ranger. The PWR Ford Ranger Transmission Cooler Kit is a cut above the average kit you will see on the market today. This kit is designed to handle all types of extreme off-roading, towing and for the 4x4 adventurer who is pushing the limits of their transmission. Don't risk failure, choose a tested and proven product that won't let you down. The ultimate in transmission cooling for your Ranger.

The factory transmission cooler is designed for standard operating conditions but it does have its limitations particularly when towing or heavy off-road driving. The factory cooler is a water to oil design that has been known to fail in the past, so don’t risk major damage and upgrade your cooler before your next big adventure.

While other kits on the market opt for a standard 19mm transmission cooler, which work fine, but under extreme loads these coolers have their limits. PWR manufacture the coolers in-house so have the ability to tailor the coolers specifically to the application. Through extensive in-house testing, PWR have the ability to offer the end user a cooler without limitations. This kit incorporates a 21 row 37mm oil cooler that is designed for engine oil cooling but works even better as an extreme option for transmission cooling. This Australian made product is as big as 2 x standard 19mm transmission coolers, but it is packaged as one unit which eliminates excess fittings, hoses and brackets.

An increased hose diameter from 3/8" to 1/2” allows for extra flow capacity which gives you better heat transfer and with no extra modifications to your Ranger. This is the first kit on the market that uses 1/2" diameter hose.

To match the increased hose capacity, this kit uses anodised Aluminium fittings for that extra piece of mind and quality you can rely on.

All brackets have been designed and manufactured in house to retain the use of all factory threads so no drilling, taping or cutting is required for installation of the whole kit.


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